Spent the last few days working on the new album cover for Side Saddle, folk/pop music by Ian McGuinness from Astoria NY.  Check out the previous album cover, and his song "Reverie" here:


Also, coming this month is 500 clear vinyl restless ghost stickers!  They are 4"X4" with the restless ghost logo and white font on a clear background.

Commissions over the next couple weeks are a landscape painting, and two large pixel skull paintings on 2ft cross sections of black walnut.  A couple had their walnut tree knocked down in a storm and I salvaged a lower portion of the trunk.  Once it is finished drying it will be belt sanded and stained.  I cant wait to see how these come out.  I have two more cross sections from this tree if anyone wants to claim them.  Progress shots will be posted in a couple weeks.  Thanks for checking out the blog.  ciao