Portland Spring/Summer is here and I think I'm done hibernating.  April should be a productive month, but first here's a few pictures of some completed February projects mentioned in the last blog post:

Portland beaver commission

"Montauk" finished commission on the right and not yet titled work in progress on the left.

All finished and coming very soon is a new "Wake Up Show" illustration for Sway, RoQ'y TyRaiD, and the rest of the Wake Up Show crew.  I'm pretty excited for this one.  Previous RoQ'y commissions have been based on movies and this one continues the trend with a classic.

The large black walnut paintings should wrap up this month.  Pictures will be in the next blog update.  They have been sourced, dried out, cut to size, chiseled, drilled, belt sanded, orbital sanded, and are ready to be custom water based dyed, then painted.  They will most likely have a multi colored triangulated pixel skull on them with a geometric pattern background. Two of the four are available.

New 8-bit shapes will be added by the next update as well.  Jumping Mega Man and Yoshi.

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